Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2013

Once again, we were very pleased to recognize staff anniversaries at our Annual General Meeting. This year 36 staff have reached milestones of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 years totaling 450 years of dedication and service to the people that we support. We thank all of them for their continued support and dedication!

The Doug Dickie Memorial Award recognizes one of our outstanding Direct Support Staff.  This year's recipient was Turay Nabinuta Jameela (Haja).

The Sheila Follett Memorial Award recognizes an individual’s achievement in supporting individuals to participate and contribute to their community. This year the award was presented to Katherine French.

Congratulations to both recipients! Well deserved! 

Special Recognition was given to people and organizations that have supported NVT this past year:

Steve Chalastra & Qualicom Innovations

Steve has been the creative force behind our new website. He became interested in our agency through one of our residents, Danny, who has been involved with his partner's family for 30 years. Through this connection, Steve contacted Lyndel Hill and suggested that he might be able to improve the old website. Steve developed the new site on his own time, and the company he works for, Qualicom Innovations, agreed to host it at no charge on their server. We're sure you will agree that Steve did an excellent job.

He did not want any compensation for his efforts; however, on being made aware through his contacts that Lyndel makes the best Seville orange marmalade around, he did drop several hints that he would work for marmalade. And Lyndel, being the awesome NVT supporter that she is, whipped up several jars for Steve to receive at the AGM. Andy also presented both Steve and Qualicom with a crystal award of recognition and appreciation to let them know how much we appreciate their support. 

John Drake, Darrin Dorosz and Macquarie Private Wealth

Again, through some of the great efforts of Lyndel, we have been fortunate to become associated with John Drake and Darrin Dorosz. Through their involvement with our agency, this year’s annual golf tournament was our most successful ever. Today, the need to receive funding from sources other than the Ministry has never been greater for agencies like ours. So, when people like John and Darrin develop an interest we are very fortunate and grateful.  We want to ensure a partnership like this will be long term.  It is through the efforts of people like John and Darrin that organizations like Macquarie Private Wealth develop an understanding of agencies like ours and provide support to the great work that we do.  

New Visions Toronto unveiled a new President's Plaque

The President's Plaque was created to always remember the great dedication of some wonderful volunteers. It takes an even higher level of commitment for someone to volunteer to be a director for a charitable agency.  It takes a higher level of commitment to take on the role of President.  Since 1986, eleven people have taken on that commitment.  Three of those people (Christy Barber, Deb Brown and Michael Ali) were present at our AGM to accept the New Visions Toronto President’s Plaque.  This Plaque will ensure that everyone who has held the title of President of New Visions Toronto will be always be remembered for their contributions to our agency.