Dragon Boat Race 2011

Smoke on the water!

It was another wonderful day for a Dragon Boat Race. Sunday June 26th was the big day that The Fire Warriors practiced hard for. The Spirit Challenge Cup at the 23rd Annual Toronto International Dragon Boat Race Festival was the culmination of all the hard work and dedication that the paddlers gave to the team.

Our team pushed themselves hard and ended up with a hard fought third place finish. There was much celebration as The Fire Warriors received their bronze medals.

After the medal ceremony, as has become tradition, the people from 87 and 89 provided us with a delicious picnic. That made it all the better to replace the energy spent on the water and catch up with people.

On a special note, we had more family members supporting our residents in the boat this year than any other year.

Every year there are too many people involved in making the Spirit Challenge Cup possible to thank individually so a hearty and heartfelt thank you to: the paddlers; the people that supported them; the Dragon Boat Festival organizers and everyone from National Dragon Boat Club and the Toronto Chinese Business Association.

We’re looking forward to next year.

Ken White - Service Co-ordinator