Scotiabank 5K Charity Challenge 2013

An early morning start was offset by good weather. It was a fun event with live music, costumes and hundreds of people cheering us on

When we finished the 5K, we headed to the Older Women’s Network Co-operative for a big breakfast.  Breakfast was made possible with donations from Luciano’s No Frills, Food Basics at Gerard Square and Metro on Front Street.  A BIG thank you to them!

Of course donations can’t turn into a well organized and tasty breakfast without a team of volunteers.  Many thanks to Mary and John Paul Doris, Susan Aspinall, Lindsay Reimers, Andy Rotsma, Michael Ali and “Ma” (Doris Zammit).

We’re still tallying up the total, but so far we have raised over $12,000!

Thank you again to all of our participants, sponsors and supporters.

We look forward to your support next year!