Valentine's Dinner and Dance 2014

An event like this cannot be a success without volunteers and donations.  A BIG thank you to the following people:


  • Nadine Donaldson
  • Mary Doris
  • Cherryl Jardine
  • Veronica Nobre and her mom, Cinira  


  • Nancy and Christy Barber
  • Katherine French
  • Lambros and Vasiliki Giotis
  • Lyndel Hill

Decorating and Set-up

  • Angel Compton
  • Dr. Richard and Lyndel Hill
  • Paula Murphy and her son Caleb
  • Veronica Nobre
  • Maria Dela Vega 

Other Volunteers

  • Christy and Bill Barber
  • John Cente
  • Rachael Cook
  • John Paul Doris
  • Michaela Hill
  • Rafaeldo Leon

Donations for Auction and Prizes

  • The Barbers
  • Bridget Hennessy
  • Lyndel Hill
  • Veronica and Cinira Nobre
  • June Obermuller
  • Linda Pattison
  • Maria Dela Vega
  • Michael and Heidi Wong 

Other Donations

  • The centre pieces for the tables were provided by Bibi Rahaman
  • Mary Doris lent us her food warmers
  • Angella Simms lent us her food warmers and some tables
  • DJ Michael Bertram took care of the music and kept people on the dance floor
  • Media coverage of the event was provided by SNAPD
  • The Photo Booth was made possible by Maria Dela Vega and Michael and Heidi Wong