51 Division's Slim Down Challenge UPDATE

A three-month challenge is over and the results are in

51 Division’s Slim Down Challenge was a three month challenge between two local police officers from the Toronto Police Service at 51 Division.  The challenge was to promote health and to live a more active lifestyle while losing unwanted pounds while improving overall health.   All proceeds from this challenge will support New Visions Toronto. 

Mark and Brian showed the dedication to stick to the plan and achieve amazing results.  With a combination of a nutrition plan, balanced diet and exercise Mark and Brain can go into the Fall season feeling slimmer and healthier.

This challenge was all about living a healthier lifestyle and achieving your goals, while recognizing the steps that you take today will determine how you feel tomorrow. Living a healthy lifestyle takes time and effort.  Congratulations Mark and Brian on losing a combined 35 lbs while raising $851! That’s $24.30 per pound lost!

The winners of Keg Gift Cards were Daniel Saleh and Bryan Mahoney.

Mark and Brian are both winners of the 51 Division Slim Down Challenge! Thank you for participating! 

Brian Mark and Kirsty