A Renovation Story

It was sometime in the middle of April when a contractor told Mary Doris (Service Coordinator) and me that the best price to renovate one of our homes on Henry Lane Terrace was $1,500.00 more than what we had in our budget.

We asked what the price would be if we prepared the walls (i.e. remove the old, ugly carpeting that was used as wall covering) and made them ready to receive veneer which was the material with which the contractor proposed to replace the carpeting. He said he would take $1,000 off the price. This was still $500 more than we could afford but we thought that somehow, somewhere, we would find the extra $500.

My next-door neighbour, Lloyd, and a very good family friend, Ramesh, and I went on a Saturday and removed all of the carpeting off the walls (my son, Aaron, came by and helped out much later on). When I surveyed the lower half of the walls where the carpeting was, I visualized that it would be very difficult to install veneer with all the residual glue left on the walls. My choice would be panel-board.

The more I thought of the cost over the amount that we had, my abilities and especially Lloyd’s abilities, the more I thought that we could do the job. If Lloyd and I could do all the renovations before June 17th when the residents would be going to a cottage at Jackson’s Point for a week, we could paint during that week. Incidentally, I had already approached Lowe’s Whitby for a discount on materials. The Store Manager, Mr Paul Santos, did better than a discount: he made a commitment to supply all of the paint free of charge.

Renovation successWhen I suggested to Lloyd that we could do the job he agreed without any hesitation. He and I worked one day a week, and with the help of my cousin Shero on occasion, we were able to finish the renovations the week before everyone left for the cottage. I went on the day everyone left and prepared the walls for painting. On the Monday Shero, John (a very good friend) and I were led by our chief painter Razia (my wife) to start the task of painting.  The paint colours were selected by Razia, the staff and me and I collected all 12 gallons of paint the week before. We completed the painting during that week just in time for the residents’ return on the Friday.

Lawrence Embleton, of Embleton’s Electrical Supply, supplied and installed new lighting fixtures at a very reasonable cost.  He also had the ceilings painted at a very reasonable cost.

I wish to extend my sincerest thanks to Lloyd Silvera, Shero Suliman, John Guppy, Ramesh Mistry and last, but by no means least, my wife Razia for all the valuable help they have provided to complete this renovation project within the available budget. Special thanks to Mr. Paul Santos, Store Manager of Lowe’s Whitby, for supplying all the paint. Also, we could not have completed the renovations as smoothly as we did without the cooperation and patience of Mary and her staff. Sincerest thanks to all of them.