Compliance Review

We have been found to be Compliant with MCSS regulations

In July we underwent a Compliance Review with the Ministry of Community and Social Services; It is a very in-depth and comprehensive process that looks for 280 indicators to determine if we are compliant with MCSS regulations.  There were only 7 areas that we needed to address which put us in the top 93 percentile.  Most of the areas were addressed within 24 hours and within 10 days we were fully compliant.  Being compliant helps to ensure that we continue to provide top quality care for the people we support.  You can click here to see the Compliance Letter from MCSS.  You can click here to see the full Inspection Review (please note that it may take a while to download this PDF).

Thank you to everyone that participated in the review and a special thank you to David Charles, our MCSS Program Advisor.  David was very helpful and supportive which made it a positive learning experience for us.