NVT Hires PGM Consulting & Training Services Inc. to Provide Comprehensive Services

In September 2012, New Visions Toronto hired PGM Consulting & Training Services Inc to complete an independent review of the services we provide at our homes.

This involved visiting and observing the activities that take place in our homes at a variety of times, covering a variety of days, including weekends. People supported, families and staff were interviewed to obtain feedback from them about their thoughts on New Visions Toronto. Community contacts were also involved to provide their feedback on how they feel New Visions Toronto is as a service provider.

PGM consulting has provided many other agencies with service reviews so they were the ideal candidate to give us a perspective of how we compare to other agencies in the Developmental Service Sector.

PGM Consulting & Training Services Inc. provided a comprehensive report, including 42 recommendations, for the Board of Directors. The Board provided copies of the report to our funding partners, families, people supported and staff, and has developed an action plan to address each recommendation. The Board's action plan was also shared with our funding partners, families, people supported and staff.

The review provided New Visions Toronto with some excellent recommendations and reinforced our belief that our staff is providing wonderful care for the people we support.