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Our Strategic Planning has been completed and approved. A new Mission Statement came out of the process:  "To support, connect and advocate for full community inclusion for people with disabilities." You can read our Strategic Plan by clicking here.

Our Latest Fundraising Effort

Thank you more than 11,500 times for donating to the Christmas Campaign for 2016. 

We have just completed our 2016 Christmas Campaign and thanks to you, we raised $11,500 towards accessible and comfortable solutions such as personal care stations and specialized furniture.  

Amount raised: $11,500
  • Team Photo
  • Checking out New Orleans
  • Dragon boat race 2014
  • Visiting Wall Street
  • At the cottage
  • Upper Canada Village
  • Hallowe'en fun at Screamers
  • 1000 Islands cruise
  • Dragon Boat Race

New Visions Toronto is always available to speak to schools, clubs, businesses or individuals who want to help make their community a welcoming one for all people. For more information, contact Ken White.